Marcus Boehm was born in 1984 and, after completing his studies in Business Administration at the University of Jena, initially started his career in the business and science sector. This was followed by external research activities for the Max Planck Institute of Economics in Jena and the University of Nurnberg. In addition to independent enterprises, Marcus Boehm worked as a corporate risk manager at Schenk and as a strategy consultant for the ThyssenKrupp Group. After several years as the managing director of a medium-sized company, he now works in a team of consultants focusing on international M&A transactions.

Apart from his positions in business and science, Marcus always felt a strong attraction to the creative community and visual arts. Inspired by visits to galleries and museums and early influenced by his mother artistic and creative talent, Marcus became more and more fascinated by the world of contemporary art. So, after completing his studies, he started his first private art collection. While acquiring his first artwork, Marcus was so intrigued by the personality and creativity of the artist that this experience led him to the idea of starting further cooperation. Marcus’ many years of experience as an independent entrepreneur, as managing director and as a strategy consultant were thus an ideal complement to the creative works of his artistic friends. After years of non-binding but very fruitful cooperation, the idea emerged to organize the activities in a more formal manner and to give a network of artists an appropriate platform to present their works to selected clients. Following, this step led to the foundation of Lipsia Fine Arts!


LFA is a network of experts active in the international art capitals. Looking for the latest trends and emerging stars of the contemporary art scene, our goal is to make the upcoming market trends available to our customers. We attach greatest importance to a close, personal collaboration with the artists represented on LFA. Personality and a previous career are our most crucial features for a cooperation. As seen in the past, these aspects form the decisive parameters for long-term success in the international art market. Only artists which have convinced us in all aspects and where a disproportionately positive development of their work is to be expected will be presented to our clients.

Headquarters of Lipsia Fine Arts is the historic center of Leipzig. All works of art offered on this website can be visited. We invite you to a personal meeting at our premises in Leipzig. We advise on all aspects of purchasing, financing and, where appropriate, international art logistics. All relevant concerns can be discussed personally and confidentially with our CEO, Marcus Boehm. The network of Lipsia Fine Arts sets highest priority to a cooperation with people with profound art expertise and with experts from the business community. The unity of these areas of competence, which is so rarely found, are the key features for the success of Lipsia Fine Arts and the success of our clients.

We look at art from both an aesthetic, emotional and an asset perspective. Our goal is to give our customers a valuable investment on which you can enjoy every day in their rooms. Our primarily targeted audiences comprise selected customers who we know personally or find their way to our network upon recommendation. We are pleased to share our passion for contemporary art with a selected social circle.

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