Apply as artist

Apply as Artist


We always welcome new artists who have attracted attention with their prominent art work to our gallery. Our interest focuses on internationally established artists and “Emerging Artist” who have successfully shown their potential in galleries or on auction markets. Please address inquiries regarding a cooperation with Lipsia Fine Arts directly to the CEO, Marcus Boehm.

In the first round, please send us a descriptive overview of your artistic career including a list of galleries, auctions, museums, exhibitions and other significant events you have participated in. We also ask you to provide us illustrative examples of your artwork. After a first screening and aroused interest, we will get in touch with you and request a detailed listing of your current work and further information about your art style and development. In the second round, our established artists and network partners will thoroughly assess your work and we will decide on the basis of a wide range of different expert opinions. Upon a positive evaluation, our CEO will make you an offer on a possible cooperation.

In certain exceptional cases, we also consider working with young artists if their work and especially their personality show the potential to succeed in the international art world. Please feel free to contact us with the documents mentioned above! Please address inquiries regarding an admission to Lipsia Fine Arts to:

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