Bruno Griesel


500 Jahre Reformation – Gemälde Ausstellung im Club International Leipzig

Bruno Griesel is one of the leading representatives of the famous “New Leipzig School”. This art movement is today appreciated internationally as one of the most significant developments of modern art. The work of Bruno Griesel already found in the former GDR greatest attention and is now recognized worldwide. Bruno Griesel exhibited among others at ALP GALLERIES in New York, Frankfurt and Tokyo. His works can be seen at the leading art fairs in Miami, Basel and Shanghai.

The themes and expressions of works of Bruno Griesel are unequaled in their depth and intelligence. He shows himself therein not only as a painter but as a philosopher, physicist and mathematician. Bruno Griesel combines in his works issues of mythical antiquity up to the science of modernity. Goethe’s color theory and quantum physics are recurring topics in Bruno Griesel works. With expressions of Expressionism and Symbolism, he addresses the awareness and the unknowable of matter. His works are symbolic of the dilemma of the pure idea and the possibility of rapprochement by human expressions.

Born in 1960 in the former GDR in Jena, he began in 1981 to study at the most renowned German art academy – “Hochschule für Grafik und Buchdruck, Leipzig “. His teachers were the professors Stelzmann, Peukert and Prof. Heisig, whose master scholar he became. Since 1986/91, Bruno Griesel has worked in his studio in “Specks Hof” as a freelance artist in Leipzig.

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