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For private collectors, heirs, enterprise art collections and other art lovers, it is sometimes very difficult to sell their laborious and lifelong acquired works at a reasonable price and with reasonable effort. To obtain high yields with art, most cases require a mediator with appropriate market knowledge and a network of direct contacts. Lipsia Fine Arts takes over these responsibilities for you to the extent you desire. We provide expert advice on the value of your work. We establish contact to galleries or auction houses or even purchase your artwork directly, if this is desired.

In particular, we find solvent customers for your work in our network of personal contacts from the most exclusive social circles. Your advantage in a cooperation with Lipsia Fine Arts lies in a direct access to a portfolio of international contacts who are eager to expand their existing collections and look forward to our offers with great interest. Lipsia Fine Arts is specialized in minimizing your transaction costs and in realizing a much faster sales process than galleries or auction houses.

Take advantage of the contact form and state us your request without any obligation. Mr. Marcus Boehm is also directly available by telephone. Your inquiries will of course be treated with utmost discretion and confidentiality.

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